In this podcast, I provide couples with practical ways to get balance their relationship. All couples have hectic schedules and family to manage on daily basis, which includes relationship management. In this podcast, I focus on key ways to get balance and maintain it in the relationship. 

In this podcast, I address a common problem most individuals battle with and that is Negative Thinking. A key to being a positive individual over all is to change your thinking. However, it is often a challenge for many because it takes a higher power than ourselves and lifestyle changes. In this podcast, I offer practical ways to address Negative Thinking.

In this podcast, I address a common stressor among couples, which is poor communication. One way to manage poor communication is to address the conflict portion of it when it arises.  I provide useful and practical applications to manage conflict in a relationship.

In this podcast, I provide you with 7 quick and fun ways to charge your relationship. All relationships get in a rut at times simply because of life changes. Adding fun and romance will help you to get back on track right away!

Welcome to Couplesbuzz by Sheri E Ragland, CEO and founder of Buzz About Relationships. Please enjoy the first podcast of our blog Say No To Verbal Abuse. Domestic Violence is an important issue and deserves attention more than ever, especially with the rise in dating and breaking up violence among young women. Our goal is to raise awareness of Domestic Violence so that individuals can make better choices for healthier relationships. 

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